MTT System is a family business, founded in 2012. The company's main scope of activity is production of air systems supporting factory suspensions in delivery and commercial vehicles. All our products are made by ourselves, starting with the process design up to the express delivery. As a result, our customers receive a product which is checked for quality at each phase of production.

  • certyfikat In the production process we use certified,approved products for marketing in Poland and the European Union
  • jakosc By ensuring thorough product control, we guarantee our customers great comfort of use and high quality, which is of paramount importance to us.


Rubber membranes that we use in our air springs are manufactured by Rubena company, which is the leader in this market. This guarantees reliability and satisfaction. An important factor which reflects the high quality of our product is high travel at small height of factory springs. The specific membrane shape and advanced system structure provide a high-end product. In order to meet the customers’ expectations our product was put under rigorous tests in the Automotive Industry Institute in Warsaw, and as a result we were granted the B Certificate.

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